Manzanita Ridge

Hidden Meadows, CA

Hidden Meadows is located in the foothills of the Palomar Mountain range in North Escondido California with a population of just under 3500.‚Äč Escondido was established in 1888, and is one of the oldest cities in San Diego County. There are quite a few small vineyards and boutique wineries in Hidden Meadows. The hills and valleys create unique micro-climates for a fairly wide range of varieties from which to grow.

The Manzanita Ridge Vineyards consist of 300 head trained vines planted on steep slopes that wrap around the estate to form 3 individual blocks. The vineyards elevation is at 1400 feet and is frequented by cool coastal fog that enters from the valley and wraps around the vineyard in the early morning then dissipates mid-morning, cooling the fruit prior to the afternoon heat. Each afternoon the breeze picks up just enough to cool things down for the evening.

Manzanita Ridge Vineyard is committed to respecting the integrity of the estate and the surrounding terroir through a dedication to sustainable viticulture. Upon planting the Vineyard in 2008, Tom instituted ecological farming practices that included limited pesticides, composting of all stems and pomaces, and the cultivation of cover crops to revitalize the soil. When the planting of Manzanita Ridge took place, truckloads of mulch were brought in to cover the entire vineyard to keep moisture in the soil and reduce the amount of water needed thru the growing season. Additional mulch is brought in as needed to maintain this level of moisture retention.