"The vineyard is a place where I can go and and get lost in my own world. Away from the everyday rush to get things done.

     I spend a lot of time out here checking the vines to see what they need. I often lose track of the day.  I'll see the sun setting on the horizon and I know it's getting time to pack it up and head in for the evening...

There's always tomorrow..." 

Tom Haase


Tom was raised in San Diego and has spent the last 20 years building and running his plastic fabrication business in the City of Escondido. He developed an interest for making wine after several years of crafting home brew.

His interest soon turned into a passion, and what was once a hobby has become a full-fledged winery. From picking bins and crushers to barrels and corks, it’s all here. His friends often joke about his so called “hobby” but they all enjoy his wine!

​Tom aspires to learn all there is to know about growing grapes. He has taken courses at 

U. C. Davis in varietal wine grape production and has read volumes of books and articles.

Nothing can take the place of actually doing the work so he spends timeless days in the

vineyard manicuring the vines and managing the vineyard.